“I live in Qatar” Where?! “The Middle East?”  Oh right, what’s that like?  I’ve heard…. Living in the Middle East for the past four and a half years, first in Dubai now in Qatar I’ve had a mix of responses from the incredulous to the where is that?! Since moving… View Post

On October 7th 2012 my life changed forever as my eldest son was born. Until that moment I had no idea how much my life would change, all through my pregnancy I was determined that the baby would fit around our life rather than the other way round. How little… View Post

Since I’ve had the two boys getting places has taken me longer and been much more daunting. Ignore the fact that I managed to fly them both home and back in one piece the first Dubai summer after the two year old was born. That was easy, he didn’t move.… View Post

We’ve had a few days staying at home, what with the weather and general wallowing after my husband headed back to Qatar.  This has naturally resulted in the two boys getting bored and fighting.  After one particular screaming match on a drizzly Monday morning I sent my four year old… View Post

I’ve recently written how I am finally accepting my imperfections.  How I am relishing the imPERFECTion that my body has become having had two children in three year.  Spending much of 2012 pregnant, then across the latter part of 2014 and dawn of 2015 with an ever expanding bump.  Let’s… View Post